Who is Ohio National Life Insurance

You’ll rarely see a television ad for them. They don’t have a cute mascot (not yet anyway), and they don’t try to sell their insurance products in 15 minutes. They are the company that most consumers are unaware of but offer rock solid products that have earned them accolades from agents across the country. They are rated A+ by A.M. Best and have grown their life insurance division every year for 25 consecutive years.

The Ohio National Insurance Company is the type of organization that every agent loves to represent because they are competitive, and they offer just about any product an agent may need to satisfy their clients’ needs. They have the products required by individuals and the products required by businesses. From small Term Life policies to Securities for retirement planning, Ohio National delivers consistent competitive pricing with exceptional customer service.

One of the best policies they offer is their Term Plus policy. This term insurance is affordable enough to cover a mountain of debt for young families that are purchasing a home and vehicles. It is very affordable and can be converted to permanent insurance when the need arises.

A young family that is starting out typically accumulates a lot of debt with major purchases and then increases that debt as they add children to the household. By purchasing a Term Life policy that has conversion privileges, the young family can insure the breadwinners in the household, so that in the event of an unexpected death, debts can be paid, monthly expenses can be paid, and even college tuition can be funded.

As the family gets older, debts are typically reduced, and the amount of insurance needed can be reduced. At this point, the breadwinner(s) starts to consider having permanent insurance and this is where the conversion privilege becomes so important. The policyholders can now convert some or all of the term insurance to any of Ohio National’s permanent insurance without having to prove insurability. This is a big deal for someone in their mid-forties that may not have done a good job seeing to their health because they were more concerned about their career.

Any consumer looking for affordable insurance products from an A+ rated insurer should definitely check our Ohio National Insurance company before making an insurance purchase.