No matter what your current financial situation, life insurance is one necessity you cannot go without —plus, it’s truly more affordable than you think. That being said, cost isn’t the only factor you should consider. Quality life insurance provides a permanent safety net for your family and loved ones, which is why it’s so crucial to pick the right plan for you. With monthly premiums as low as $15, guaranteeing up to $500,000 in death benefits (not to mention,peace of mind), what’s there to lose? Take an in-depth look at the following three examples of 10-year term life insurance plans, all priced at manageably low monthly premiums:

  • A 35-year old, single mom with two children pays $12.98 in monthly premiums
  • A 35-year-old, married couple with three children pays $26.82 in monthly premiums
  • A 50-year-old, father with two college-aged children pays $43.68 in monthly premiums

Monthly premiums, ranging from $12-$40, can easily be adopted into one’s budget. Affordable, quality plans guarantee that your premium amount will stay the same for a set period of years; not to mention, you can add optional riders to your policy to enhance coverage and even reapply for new coverage at the end of your policy’s term. Cost-effective, personalized life insurance plans are just a click away. Visit us at: TermlifeUSA.com or call us at: (972-503-9900) for a free quote today.