Term insurance policies are priced like all other insurance policies. The cost of insurance is determined based on your age, gender, smoking class, health and lifestyle. Underwriters evaluate your medications and health history to decide whether you pose any additional risks to the insurer that should result in an additional premium.

In addition to looking at your health and health history, your underwriter will evaluate the hobbies you enjoy, your occupation, and your driving history to determine whether or not you should be declined or charged a higher premium.

In addition to the information on your application, the underwriters can look at the following:

Medical Information Bureau report (MIB): Your MIB report has information on it that was reported by other insurance companies you have applied for coverage with.

Paramedical exam: Paramedical exams are in persona exams during which the examiner comes to your home or business to interview you and may take blood or urine samples, may test your blood pressure and may weight you.

Motor vehicle report (MVR): An MVR lists driving citations you have had in the past.

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