Buying Life Insurance? Agent or No Agent?

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Most of the twenty something’s probably don’t recall that to buy life insurance, you had to go through an insurance agent. He or she would make an appointment, come to your house or office, breakout the brochures and rate sheets, and in most cases leave with a signed application and your check.

Today it’s very different. Insurance agents and companies have made it possible to obtain quotes and coverage online without the need for having an agent visit your residence or office.
The applicant can purchase insurance online without the help of an agent, but that is only recommended for applicants that are intimately familiar with the product, terms and conditions they want to purchase without the help of an experienced and licensed agent.

The Agent Advantage

With most online life insurance platforms, the prospective customer has the ability to contact an agent by phone to ask questions about the life insurance product they have questions about.

Most people, at any given time, are unaware of how much life insurance they need. There are simple ways to determine your insurance needs, and a qualified agent is the best place to start to get the answers. Unless you are buying insurance for a specific situation, such as mortgage protection or to cover a specific debt, an agent is going to be helpful by asking the appropriate questions to help you determine the best product and benefit amount.

When you purchase life insurance through an agent, you are creating a relationship that you can count on for future life events, service issues, and changes to your policy. Yes, you can call the insurance company directly, but if you’ve already established a relationship with an agent, why not take advantage?

A Qualified Expert

A reputable and experienced insurance agent cares about you and your family. Their commissions are paid by the insurance company and in no way affects the price you will pay for your policy. Agents must pass an extensive exam to be licensed, and they must complete continuing education requirements on a regular basis. All licensed agents have a good understanding about life insurance and yes, some are better than others.

Licensed agents know the right questions to ask and will offer a comprehensive plan based on your answers and then make the necessary adjustments, so it is affordable for you. They will first make certain that you understand the need for their product, and then they will fill that need with an insurance policy that you can understand and more importantly, afford.

Finally, successful agents excel at keeping clients for the long-term. They are available for service issues, and they are available when the client goes through a life change. You are doing business with an individual who cares about you and your family and wants to help you deal with life’s everyday risks

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